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March 27, 2011

Recently I have been bombarded by “whys”

“Why did you get a tattoo?”

“Why a cherry blossom?”

“Why did you get it on your wrist?”

…and my favourite “WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT???”

Let me start by explaining a little my fascination with cherry blossoms (sakura as they are called in Japanese). I can’t remember where my love of them came from or when but while doing a little research (cheers Google!!) I discovered that in Japanese the cherry blossom represents the fragility of life. It is a blossom that blooms for such a short time that it is likened to life and in admiring the beauty of the shortlived blossom we are encouraged to appreciate and be grateful for our lives. It also serves as a reminder us that, like a cherry blossom, nothing lasts for ever and that like life itself the difficult times can not last forever or in the words of an old proverb “this too shall pass”.

Late last year I toyed with the idea of a tattoo and asked my extremely talented sister to design one specifically for me, which makes it all the more special.

So why did I decided to get it tattooed on my wrist? I am one of those people who gets so caught up in my own dramas and the ins and outs of daily life that I believe that wearing the cherry blossom on my wrist I will have a tangible reminder to stop and take a breath and enjoy my life and be grateful for the good times and to know the bad times wont last.

And the last and, apparently, most important question to people around me- Why would I do it? Well, to be honest… because I can! Dammit this is my life and I am sick of just being someone’s teacher, someone’s colleague, someone’s daughter, someone’s wife! It is MY life and I’m only going to live it once, this is not a dress rehearsal! So yeh, it’s possibly a little irresponsible or immature or whatever but I am happy, truely happy with it and my decision to get what I wanted and where I wanted it!

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