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April 2, 2012

Having re read my posts from 2011 I thought it was a good opportunity to re-examine the list of ways to uncomplicate life.

So here goes…

1. Don’t try to read other people’s minds Not having much success here, thus far
2. Get up 30 minutes earlier so that you don’t rush/get a ticket while driving too fast/have to explain why you’re late/get fired This one is highly unlikely to happen!
3. Get 8 hours of sleep per night so that you think more clearly Getting there slowly
4. Stick to your budget What is a budget?
5. Start saving and investing every week, no matter how little you can spare…No comment
6. Balance your checkbook… hmmmm
7. Don’t try to be friends with everyone. Cultivate closer relationships with fewer people. I am TRYING I swear! 
8. Don’t try to do business with everyone. Identify your target client and take very good care of them. Getting better at this one.
9. Before getting angry, ask yourself if it will really matter in 20 years I tend to react less and think more when I am angry.
10. Focus on being a good person, not on pleasing others Pleasing others is a hard habit to break.
11. Stay home this Saturday, and finish off that nagging chore that you need to finish Oh I am still a procrastinator
12. Kiss and make up MMMM I love kissing
13. Make a weekly menu, and shop for only those items at the market I am getting better at this thanks to my housemate!
14. Ask your grandparents the best way to uncomplicate life, and try it for a month If only it was that easy 😦
15. Fill up your gas tank when it’s half full No choice when you live in the sticks!
16. Don’t drink alcohol when you’re tired, sad or mad CHECK!
17. Pay your bills on time CHECK!
18. Get an annual physical examination  CHECK!
19. Say “I love you” to your significant other and to your children. Studies show that more marriages last, and fewer kids use drugs, when these words are spoken every day.  I tell my family and friends I love them at every opportunity 
20. For just one day, imagine everyone’s intentions are good because most people’s are Im trying!
21. Give away clothes that haven’t been worn in two years CHECK!
22. Throw out clothes that are in disrepair, and can’t be mended CHECK!
23. When you have a conflict with someone, talk it out. Don’t let it turn into more than it is. Again I’m trying!!
24. Know what your priorities are in life, and act as if they are your priorities Must work on this!
25. Tell the truth MOSTLY!
26. Don’t cheat MOSTLY!
27. Don’t steal NEVER DO!
28. If you’re holding on to a ridiculous grudge, let it go I have, tho the hurt is still there 😦
29. Clean your house weekly, so that it doesn’t become too large a chore CHECK! again- thanks to the housemate
30. Do your best at work, or at school MOSTLY!
31. Don’t eat when you aren’t hungry CHECK!
32. Eat when you are hungry CHECK!
33. Be yourself Easier said than done when even you have forgotten who YOU are! But I am giving it go 🙂
34. Say no unapologetically Getting good at this, just have to deal with the subsequent guilt. 
35. Cook simple meals Tonight we had nachos… i think that counts!
36. Don’t try to keep up with the Joneses Never do!
37. Pay off your car before buying a new one Getting there!
38. Organise your desk at the office Hmmm!
39. Change your smoke alarm batteries when the clocks spring forward, and again when they fall back We dont have daylight savings but CHECK!
40. Organise your important paperwork CHECK!
41. Take only half the clothes that you planned to take with you on holiday What holiday?
42. Help your children with their homework every night, and have an open dialogue with their teachers PASS
43. Have white sheets and white towels in children’s rooms/bathrooms, because they’re easily bleached PASS
44. Spend your time with nice people I am trying!
45. Avoid drama Again… I am trying!
46. Don’t text or talk on the phone while driving :S
47. Turn off the television/video games/computer; they’re time consumers No can do!
48. Don’t engage in office politics Hmmm, FAIL!
49. Refuse to gossip, or talk behind other people’s backs Again… fail!
50. Do the dishes right after dinner CHECK!
Ok time for bed… will finish tomorrow 🙂
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